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Working with us...

A step-by-step timeline.

A 3 step billboard design process to eliminate risk and maximize your Return On Investment.

Step 1: Define your objective and get us your initial info
By filling out our questionnaire you’ll let us know exactly what you want to accomplish with your outdoor advertising, whether it’s general branding or directional to your store, or specific to a particular campaign, event or sales promotion.

Once we define how you’re going to measure success, the questionnaire will also ask you general info about your business, target audience and competitors. Finally, the questionnaire will ask you typical logistical/operational questions, such as contact information for your outdoor advertising company, planned dates for your outdoor campaign, etc.

Step 2: We get started on your no-risk proofs
Once we receive your questionnaire, contact you, and take your 100% guaranteed, no-risk deposit, we’ll contact your outdoor advertising company and review artwork requirements to ensure your files are flawlessly executed and submitted. At this time we’ll also process your logo or any other artwork that must appear in your new billboard design.

From all of this information, we will develop at least five different design concepts that offer you the greatest chance for over-achieving your business objectives. Once we present your preliminary billboard design proofs, take your time reviewing them. Then, you can decide if you’d like to proceed with development or simply cancel your order for an immediate 100% refund.

If you decide to move forward, we’ll provide as many revisions and proofs as necessary to ensure your billboard design is as effective as it can possibly be. Once you approve a final proof, we’ll prepare your files for submission to your outdoor advertising company.

Step 3: Hand-off to your outdoor advertising company
In the final stage, we check and double check production specs before submitting files to your outdoor advertising company. We’ll be in constant touch with you and your outdoor advertising company to make sure your new billboard is produced exactly the way it needs to appear for maximum effectiveness.

Of course, we’re available anytime between 9-5 EST to address any questions or concerns you may have. We’re your on-call, personal outdoor advertising partner before, during and after the billboard design process. To get started, complete and submit our short form here. Of course, there’s NO risk or obligation.

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