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The Age of Outdoor is upon us...

No other medium gives you
the bang of outdoor advertising.

Out of home is one of a kind
As traditional media struggles through a tough economy, outdoor advertising (called out of home or Outdoor Media) continues its slow but steady climb, as demonstrated in the following billboard revenue chart.

Outdoor billboard advertising remains a growth medium because it reaches on-the-go audiences 24/7. More and more hours are being spent out on the road and studies show these mobile trends will only continue. Properly developed, billboard advertising just plain works!

Billboard Revenues 2003-2012*

Outdoor Billboard Advertising: a preferred medium
Today’s media fragmentation and dizzying advances in communication technology have dramatically changed the way people choose the ad content they will accept. The speed and spontaneity of the outdoor advertising message and this new consumer behavior is a match made in branding heaven.

Outdoor Media is a cost-effective choice
Compared to other mass media, outdoor billboard advertising remains an affordable media buy. Radio and TV advertising rates continue to rise as their audience share heads south. Newspapers, magazines and Yellow Pages are facing similar woes. The following CPM chart suggests outdoor advertising continues to be a “best buy” media choice.

Outdoor CPM vs Other Media*

A sign of the times
Outdoor advertising is a unique advertising medium that offers strong brand-building capability while providing a highly cost-effective way of maintaining your competitive edge. Learn about our billboard design process or click here if you’d like to get started.

* Data from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA)
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