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Before starting your new billboard design...

Define your objective & create
a powerful strategy to achieve it.

What can outdoor advertising do for your business? Plenty!
Outdoor billboards have the ability to reach thousands of people day and night. Properly designed, they can help you build a strong identity in your local market. But first you need a clearly defined, achievable objective that states exactly what you want to accomplish. Then you must develop a sound strategy that explains exactly how that objective will be achieved. Whether used alone or as part of a bigger media mix, outdoor billboards can effectively convey your:

Brand name and image
Nothing says branding quite like outdoor advertising. The repetitive viewing and ability to put out highly memorable messages makes billboard advertising a natural for building a powerful brand and image within your local market.

Successful billboard design forces people to think, leaves an indelible impression and compels viewers to remember your business, while strengthening your company’s image.

Product/service knowledge
From a slick automobile to a women’s dainty wristwatch, outdoor billboards allow you to present your product or service in such a grand scale, no other advertising medium even comes close. High impact, larger than life images help consumers easily remember your product or service when the need or desire arises.

Directions to your door
Want to promote your business location? What better way than a 10' x 22' outdoor billboard that gives clear, concise directions to every passerby?

It’s like a map on steroids... That huge, outdoor billboard remains constantly visible, at the exact time and place it needs to be seen.

Special announcements or events
Outdoor advertising is an excellent medium for special promotions, grand openings or sales. Messages and billboard design can be easily changed to coincide with the buying season and custom-tailored to your yearlong promotional schedule. Flexibility and low CPM make outdoor billboards an excellent vehicle for your business announcements and special events.

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